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Branding: What it is. Clue – Branding is Not Logo

Branding: What it is. Clue – Branding is Not Logo

People mistake logo for branding. Are you one of them? Read on.


When people talk about branding, most times they are actually referring to the logo of the organization. We confirmed this by interviewing some Nigerian “branding experts.” Over 99% of these guys are just mere graphic artists who also handle printing for their clients.

See the response from some of them;

“Branding is picking the right colours and image that help to portray the business in the eyes of customers.”

“Branding is a combination of the logo, signboard and the other printed materials that represent the organization.”

“The branding is the logo.”

These are some of the best definitions we got.

The logo is not branding

Yes, that’s right. The logo of an organization is not the branding. It is only a little but important part of the branding. Branding an organization goes beyond printing the organization’s logo on some T-Shirts.

What is branding, really?

Branding is the presentation of the promise of an organization, which is portrayed by it’s perceptive “angels” and fulfilled by excellent service delivery.

The perceptive “angels” here can include the logo, colours, website and anything that is created to improve the perception people have of the organization.

Take Mercedes Benz for instance. It is not its logo that is its branding. Their brand represents a promise of safety, comfort, plus luxury that the organization portrayed and has lived up to for decades.

So when next you think of branding, think of the promise the organization is making and how best that promise can be portrayed to the public for profitability.

Your branding experts

So you want to brand your next project? Let us know. We will handle every aspect of branding the project which include but not limited to
1. Project (or business) naming
2. Promise definition
3. Identity creation
4. Identity marketability test
5. Allied material.

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